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Using the sliding miter sled to rip the bound edge from magazines. The un-bound pages can then be scanned using my sheet-feed, dual-side-scan scanner.



Modified: 11/9/13, 2:41 PM

Note the use of a piece of 1/4" plywood to create a zero clearance for the right side of the blade. This is viewed from the out-feed, or back side of the saw



Modified: 11/9/13, 2:41 PM

Note the stop-block clamped to the fence on the sled. It is set 8 1/2" from the blade. 8 1/2" is the max width the scanner can handle. A sacrificial piece of 1/2" plywood is placed on top of the magazine to help hold the paper to the blade.



Modified: 11/9/13, 2:45 PM

Post-cut. Note the off-cut to the left of the blade.


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