Frank (none) Fulgham and Minnie L. (Garton) Fulgham


Minnie's family: William Mark Garton and Martha Ellen (Cornell) Garton
According to Aunt Millie:
We moved from Hollis, OK and arrived in Amherst, TX on January 1, 1924. We used 2 covered wagons and a flat-bed.
We were supposed to have a 3-bedroom house waiting for us in Amherst. When we got there, there was only a sucker-rod sticking in the ground. It was 1 mile east of the depot on the highway.
Pa Bill had also traded for a paperd horse in Red River. When he went to bring the horse back, the horse had run through a fence and had to wait 2 weeks for the horse to heal.

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Notes, Cards, and Documents

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Frank Army Service

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Frank bought a truck and combine the summer of 1946 to do custom wheat harvest starting in Eastern NM and working his way north. Apparently he made it all the way to Goodland, KS by July. Here is a series of letters Minnie and Frank sent to each other from around July 4, 1946 through July 15.

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Photographs from war-torn Europe.
Bert Peterson, a close friend with both Minnie and Frank. I thought that he may have been one of Minnie's boyfriends, but the letters he wrote and comments he wrote on the back of some of the photos seems to disprove that.
Peterson sent numerous photos from Europe during World War II. He is also the person that brought back the German bayonet, and the German money.

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Frank and Minnie had a long standing friendship with Bernard and Viola McGregor. I think they danced in every honky-tonk in eastern New Mexico and west Texas. Some of the favorite stories took place at the old Midway Dance Hall between Clovis and Portales.

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PhotoScan1046.jpg  ca 1938 Minnie Garton PhotoScan034.jpg  I think one of these ladies was one of Frank's girlfriends.  I remember something about dating a girl that had a twin sister. : Minnie Garton,New Tag,New Tag PhotoScan077.jpg  1938 Labeled on back "Littlefield Gang" PhotoScan106.jpg  1936 The Littlefield (TX) Gang
PhotoScan107.jpg  1936 Buck Williamson, Minnie Garton "The Littlefield Gang" PhotoScan1035.jpg  1936 Mae and Minnie : Minnie Garton,Buck Williamson PhotoScan1043.jpg  ca 1936 : Mae Garton,Minnie Garton PhotoScan1064.jpg  ca 1935 : Bessie Williams,Minnie Garton
PhotoScan1045.jpg  ca 1935 : Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan1316.jpg  1936 Minnie's first husband? PhotoScan1317.jpg  "1936 Willis Holder" : Minnie Garton PhotoScan089.jpg  ca. 1946 Frank ready to go to work at The Farmers' Oil Company : Willis Holder,Minnie Garton
PhotoScan090.jpg  ca. 1946 Frank : Frank Fulgham PhotoScan104.jpg  Date is over-written 1932/1942.  Most likely 1942 backdrop is similar to PhotoScan069 with Bob and Louise.  Information/speculation added 2014/06/26 This could be Bert Peterson.  Take a look at PhotoScan252, IMG 3426 DPP, and PhotoScan246. : Frank Fulgham PhotoScan069.jpg  1942 Minnie, Bob : Roscoe Brown PhotoScan070.jpg  1942 Bob : Minnie Fulgham,Bob Fulgham
PhotoScan051.jpg  ca. 1942 Bob, Minnie, Louise, Roy : Bob Fulgham PhotoScan066.jpg  ca. mid 1940s Louise Fulgham, Minnie Fulgham : Bob Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham,Louise Fulgham,Roy Fulgham MinnieTempleTX.jpg  ca. 1943 Minnie and Frank in Temple, TX Corporal Frank (none) Fulgham 5th Army Air Corps Mom went to stay with Dad through the lung surgery.  Dr. Paulson performed the surgery.  Paulson was the chest Doc that was called in when JFK was shot. : Louise Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham 002.jpg  ca. 1949 Minnie, Dewayne, Frank
PhotoScan010.jpg  ca. 1948 Cecil Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan054.jpg  ca. 1948 Mammie Tapley, Dewayne, May Elms PhotoScan053.jpg  1949 Dewayne : 1700 Prince front yard : Mammie Tapley,Dewayne Fulgham,May Elms 2014 06_24_14_29 38.jpg  ca 1950 : Dewayne Fulgham
2014 06_24_14_29 43.jpg  ca 1950 : Mildred Teeters,Dewayne Fulgham,Gaye Jeanette Teeters 2014 06_24_14_29 48.jpg  ca 1950 : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan099.jpg  July 1956 Dewayne, Linda : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan100.jpg  1956 Buddy : Lynda Faye Fulgham,Dewayne Fulgham
PhotoScan097.jpg  ca. 1958 Buddy in the Cavett's back yard : Buddy Fulgham PhotoScan101.jpg  December 1963 Frank at Saint Vrain : Buddy Fulgham 001a.jpg  ca. 1955 Buddy, Frank, Dewayne, Minnie : Frank Fulgham PhotoScan052.jpg  ca. 1948 Dewayne (on trike), Doug McGregor : Buddy Fulgham,Frank Fulgham,Dewayne Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham
PhotoScan061.jpg  1949 Dewayne : 1700 Prince front yard : Dewayne Fulgham,Doug McGregor PhotoScan062.jpg  1949 Dewayne : 1700 Prince front yard : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan063.jpg  1949 Dewayne : 1700 Prince front yard : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan064.jpg  1949 Dewayne : 1700 Prince front yard : Dewayne Fulgham
PhotoScan078.jpg  April 1956 Marvel Cavett, Buddy : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan079.jpg  April 1956 Buddy, Herb Cavett : Marvel Cavett,Buddy Fulgham PhotoScan080.jpg  April 1956 Ann Cavett, Buddy : Buddy Fulgham,Herb Cavett PhotoScan081.jpg  ca. 1955 Buddy, Minnie : The date stamp on the pic says 56, but probably taken 1955 : Ann Cavett,Buddy Fulgham
PhotoScan082.jpg  ca. 1955 Minnie, Buddy : Buddy Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan083.jpg  1956 Buddy Kitchen at 1700 Prince, Clovis : Minnie Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham PhotoScan084.jpg  ca. 1955 Buddy, Dewayne, Minnie : 1700 Prince back yard : Buddy Fulgham PhotoScan085.jpg  Back side of PhotoScan084.  Mom had a sense of humor! : Back side of PhotoScan084.  Mom had a sense of humor! : Buddy Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham,Dewayne Fulgham
PhotoScan025.jpg  Dewayne Fulgham Left:  ca. 1958  Right: ca. 1960 Photo Source:  Frank and Minnie Album PhotoScan047.jpg  ca. 1960 Dewayne Fulgham : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan026.jpg  Buddy Fulgham Top Row:  ca. 1954, 1961 (Second Grade), 1960 (First Grade); Bottom: 1961 Photo Source:  Frank and Minnie Album : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan055.jpg  1956 Fred, Buddy, Frank : Buddy Fulgham
PhotoScan108.jpg  December 1962 Frank, Minnie.  Our first Christmas in the house at St. Vrain, NM : Fred Fulgham,Frank Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham PhotoScan109.jpg  June 1970 Odell Webb : Frank Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan110.jpg  June 1970 Betty Webb : Odell Webb PhotoScan111.jpg  June 1970 Frank, Ronny Webb, Bud Fulgham : Betty Webb
PhotoScan112.jpg  June 1970 Karla Webb : Ronnie Web,Bud Fulgham,Frank Fulgham PhotoScan113.jpg  ca. 1970 Alice Cornell, Minnie, Mae Moore : Karla Webb FrankPOPrint.jpg  ca. 1989 Frank, Mary Newman - Postmaster Scan of the original B&W photo from the Clovis News Journal : Minnie Fulgham,Mae Moore,Alice Cornell Scan638.jpg  Summer 1987. Frank/Daddy Frank, Minnie/Grannie and Katey, Becky
Scan653.jpg  Summer 1982   Saint Vrain Frank, Dewayne, Brandy, Buddy, Becky Scan697.jpg  ca. 1982  Saint Vrain Frank, Dewayne,  Buddy Scan010.jpg  ca. 1982 Saint Vrain Daddy Frank pulling Becky on the tractor made by Uncle Fred Fulgham Scan011.jpg  ca. 1983 Portales Minnie/Grannie, Becky, Frank/Daddy Frank
Scan012.jpg  ca 1982 Saint Vrain Frank and Fred Scan013.jpg  ca 1982 Saint Vrain Fred and Becky PhotoScan037.jpg  Minnie is on the far right.  Mae Moore is the third to Minnie's right on the back row.  Betty Wall is the second from the left. : Hair Dressers' party? PhotoScan019.jpg  ca. 1950.  ?Ruby Hederick?, Hattie Young, Minnie, Betty Wall : Hair Dressers' party : Minnie Fulgham,Mae Moore,Betty Wall
PhotoScan045.jpg  ca. 1957 Minnie Fulgham standing.  Hotel Clovis Ballroom : Ruby Hedrick?,Hattie Young,Minnie Fulgham,Betty Wall PhotoScan020.jpg  Minnie : Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan049.jpg  July 1984 Frank Fulgham "St. Vrain rural postman retires" : Minnie Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_17 31.jpg  Christmas 1965 Charlie Young   A railroader. Married to Hattie.  Charlie and Hatty had a dance band.  They got us started going to Alamogordo (now Sumner) Lake in the late 1950s. : Mary Newman,Frank Fulgham,Dola Sparks,Maebelle Chandler
2014 06_24_14_17 42.jpg  Back side of 2014 06_24_14_17 31.jpg : Charlie Young 2014 06_24_14_18 58.jpg 2014 06_24_14_19 11.jpg  back of 2014 06_24_14_18 58.jpg : Dewayne Fulgham,DarFreeda 2014 06_24_14_20 11.jpg  Bob's Minnie Quilt
2014 06_24_14_20 42.jpg  1947 : Bob Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_20 52.jpg  back of 2014 06_24_14_20 42.jpg : Richard Fulgham,Dewayne Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_29 53.jpg  ca 1950 2014 06_24_14_23 21.jpg  ca 1965 : Frank Fulgham
2014 06_24_14_23 33.jpg  1970.  Most likely on their way to the Elks' Club on a Saturday Night. : Betty Wall 2014 06_24_14_23 43.jpg  Late 1970s.  Most likely on their way to the Elks' Club on a Saturday Night. : Minnie Fulgham,Frank Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_23 58.jpg  1974 Cradle built by Buddy Fulgham for Troy Fulgham : Minnie Fulgham,Frank Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_24 19.jpg  ca 1977 St. Vrain.  On the 806 International
2014 06_24_14_24 56.jpg  1970s Minnie's Christmas Decorations : Troy Lane Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_25 00.jpg  1970s Minnie's Christmas Decorations 2014 06_24_14_25 04.jpg  1970s Minnie's Christmas Decorations 2014 06_24_14_25 08.jpg  1970s Minnie's Christmas Decorations
2014 06_24_14_25 12.jpg  November 1966 St. Vrain Post Office 2014 06_24_14_25 39.jpg  1962 Aunt Minnie's Beauty Shop at St. Vrain 2014 06_24_14_25 48.jpg : Theresa Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_26 29.jpg  1954 In the back yard at our house.  1700 N Prince St.  Clovis, NM.  The building behind the swing was Minnie's Beauty Shop.
2014 06_24_14_26 41.jpg : Buddy Fulgham,Dewayne Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_26 58.jpg  1956 2014 06_24_14_27 09.jpg : Dewayne Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_14_27 16.jpg  1956 : Buddy Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_18 10.jpg  Late 1970s Pasture south of the house : Minnie Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_15_55 52.jpg  Buddy school pictures 2014 06_24_15_57 48.jpg  School Pictures Left to right: 1966, 1967 : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_02 34.jpg  1700 Prince back yard : Buddy Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_02 38.jpg  1700 Prince : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_02 42.jpg  1700 Prince back yard : Buddy Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_02 46.jpg  1700 Prince : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_02 54.jpg  1700 Prince back yard : Buddy Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_05 29.jpg  1963 Buddy riding Millie : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_05 33.jpg  1963 Buddy riding Millie : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_11 50.jpg  1955 Herb and Marvel Cavett's back yard 2014 06_24_16_11 54.jpg  1955 1700 N Prince : Buddy Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_12 08.jpg  1955 1700 N Prince : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_12 12.jpg  1955 1700 N Prince : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_12 17.jpg  1955 1700 N Prince.  The chair was emerald green : Buddy Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_16 51.jpg  ca 1945 : Dewayne Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_17 02.jpg  Back side of 2014 06_24_16_16 51.jpg : Minnie Fulgham,Gaye Jeanette Teeters 2014 06_24_16_17 24.jpg  May 1987 2014 06_24_16_17 29.jpg  May 1987 : Frank Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham,Katey Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_17 33.jpg  May 1987 : Minnie Fulgham,Becky Fulgham,Frank Fulgham,Katey Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_17 38.jpg  May 1987 : Becky Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham,Buddy Fulgham,Katey Fulgham,Frank Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_17 43.jpg  Christmas 1987 : Katey Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham,Becky Fulgham,Frank Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_17 51.jpg  Christmas 1987 : Becky Fulgham,Frank Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_17 55.jpg  Christmas 1984 : Becky Fulgham,Frank Fulgham
2014 06_24_16_17 59.jpg  Christmas 1984 with Grannie's Cabbage Patch doll : Minnie Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_44 21.jpg  "Virginia 1997" enscribed on the back.  A friend of Frank and Minnie : Becky Fulgham 2014 06_24_16_48 07.jpg  1991 Dola and her husband, Sam, lived in the house just north of Frank and Minnie at St. Vrain.  This picture was taken after Sam had died and Dola had moved in with her son at Lake Meredeth, TX.  Dola would have been in her late 90s. 2014 06_24_16_48 19.jpg  Back side of 2014 06_24_16_48 07.jpg : Dola Sparks
2014 06_24_16_52 56.jpg  1971 article from the Clovis News Journal.  Buddy attends Boys' State PhotoScan031.jpg  Cecil Dewayne Fulgham Born June 19, 1947 : Buddy Fulgham,Janet O&#39,Duke Younger IMG_4022.JPG  Mom and Dad always called her by her last name, "Bowles" : Dewayne Fulgham PhotoScan248.jpg  ca 1945 Writing on the back "Isn't this a lu-lu. Ha! Ha! Love toall Bowles.  "Nurse Bowles" from Clovis : Nurse Bowles
PhotoScan249.jpg  ca 1950 back of PhotoScan248 : Nurse Bowles PhotoScan250.jpg  Probably at Memorial Hospital PhotoScan251.jpg IMG 3427 DPP.JPG  All of these pictures were inside the larger matted picture.  Not sure that the 2 pictures of the ladies are part of the 'package'.  The lady in the second from left photo is Nurse Bowles from Clovis.
PhotoScan293.jpg  Early 1970s Minnie in her nest PhotoScan294.jpg  early 1970s.  Minnie enjoyed taking care of her yard. : Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan295.jpg  Early 1970s Post breakfast conversations. PhotoScan296.jpg  1973  Must have been just after Muttley joined the family. : Fred Fulgham,Sevola Fulgham
PhotoScan297.jpg  1973 to 74.  Probably on his way to feed and water Muttley : Buddy Fulgham,Muttley PhotoScan298.jpg  1973 to 74.  Probably on his way to feed and water Muttley : Frank Fulgham PhotoScan299.jpg  1977 Frank's new 1977 GMC pickup.  Photo taken by the dealer.  Probably Rierson Pontiac, GMC : Frank Fulgham PhotoScan743.jpg : Frank Fulgham
PhotoScan769.jpg : Frank Fulgham PhotoScan1103a.JPG  ca 1945 Hotel Clovis Beauty Salon.  108 E 2nd St : Maxene Standefer PhotoScan1103b.jpg  2016 Google Maps view of Hotel Clovis Beauty Salon.  108 E 2nd St : Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan741a.JPG  3/9/1945 Southwestern Public Service Co. "Consumer's Deposit Agreement"  for Hotel Clovis Beauty Shop
PhotoScan916.jpg  ca 1942 PhotoScan997.jpg : Minnie Garton,Mozelle Moore,Hoyt Brown PhotoScan1011.jpg  May 26, 1942 " Bob and Minnie on a Picnic" PhotoScan1052.jpg  ca 1944 : Minnie Garton,Robert Ross &#34
PhotoScan1066.jpg  Looks Like Santa Fe.  Maybe when Minnie took her state exams? : Frank Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan1112.jpg  ca 1940 PhotoScan1114.jpg  1947 Front porch on 11th St : Betty Fulgham,Frank Fulgham PhotoScan1142.jpg  ca 1944 : Minnie Fulgham,Dewayne Fulgham
PhotoScan1144.jpg  ca 1944 The house at 1316 E 11th : Frank Fulgham,Fannie Fulgham,Minnie Fulgham PhotoScan1146.jpg  On the front porch 1316 E 11th St