Off to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area 02/04—07/2019

February 2-6

A dash between Polar Express fronts plowing through the state. We stayed a couple of nights at Possum Kingdom State Park; visited Katey, Kennith, and kids; and a couple of nights at Cedar Hill State Park with visits to the Dallas Zoo and the Dallas World Aquarium.
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Dallas Zoo

What else to do on an 80 degree day in February?
3 miles of pounding the concrete trails.

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The Dallas World Aquarium

And a walk around The Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park.

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Driving Routes
0202 Home to Possum Kingdom SP 316 miles 0203 Possum Kingdom to The Lingers 56 miles 0204 Possum Kingdom to Cedar Hill SP and to The Dallas Zoo 166 miles 0205…
Walking at The Dallas Zoo
3 miles in about 3 hours.