Around the house.... 06/29/2010—06/27/2019

.... and around the neighborhood.
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May 20 Hail

A fast moving storm cell moved through a little after 8:00am.
Really happy it did not hang around.....

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May 6 Striped Vistor

I think I first called this something like a son of a female dog, but on review; I'm pretty sure it is a garter or ribbon snake. Also had feelings of Déjà vu

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March 13 Winds

We have had sustainded winds recorded at over 50 MPH with gusts over 70.

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January 15

Birds in Palo Duro Canyon State Park

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Woodworking Index/Wood shop projects in 2019

This will take you to a link for our 2019 Woodshop projects.
A javelina in the neighborhood?
Just east of the corner of Creekmere Dr. and 14th St.
June 27 Just before 10:00am
An over-edited version of the previous shot.
March 22 Ominous sky
Looking west from our front yard. About 8:00pm Just as the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning
March 22 First hail of the year
Pea to small marble hail. Just enough to cover the ground with .7" rain.
The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of 2019
The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of 2019