2019 06/29/2010—10/03/2019

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Around the house....

.... and around the neighborhood.

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Late September trip to the Dakotas

September 23 -- October 1 Straight north from home.....2308 miles on the pickup odometer The original plan was to go as far north as Theodore Roosevelt National…

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Early Fall Fishing Trip

September 9 -- 14
New Mexico blue sky and clear water.
Fishing on The Pecos and a day trip to Santa Fe

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A Tour of The Southeastern States

March 31 -- April 27
28 days, 12 states and 5017 total miles

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Off to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

February 2-6 A dash between Polar Express fronts plowing through the state. We stayed a couple of nights at Possum Kingdom State Park; visited Katey, Kennith,…

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