Twenty, Twenty......WoW! 01/05—10/04/2020

And, we're off!

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Around the House

And in the neighborhood.

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September 28 -- October 4

Glorieta, Pecos, Santa Fe, and Abiquiu NM. Hiking, fishing, and exploring.

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September 10 - 15

East-Central Oklahoma lakes and a couple of wildlife refuges

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July 26

In search of a hot fudge sunday
Time to get out for a Sunday drive.
Nearly 150 miles in a little less than 4 hours. I got my ice cream ;-)

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June 8 -- June 13

A week in the Southern Colorado Mountains Looking for cooler nights and to try fishing in Southern Colorado. 1,123 miles on the pickup. 858 miles on the camp…

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January 31 -- March 25

Here and there, to and from Florida
We were gone 1 month, 26 days.
We drove the pickup a total of 4353. Camper mileage was about 3170.

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